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What’s Your Real Home Value?

Real Home Value Calculator: Assessed Value vs Market Value Understanding a home’s true market value is about more than pictures, software assessments and price-per-square-foot. Whether you’re a current homeowner thinking of selling or are house-hunting, it’s crucial you understand what factors affect home valuation. By partnering with a local market expert, sellers will avoid pricing their […]

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Home Equity Playbook

The Home Equity Playbook ​ What is Home Equity? Home equity seems to be a very simple calculation — the total amount of mortgages owed subtracted from the current market value of a home. Here is a simple example: ​ Current Home Market Value $325,000 Existing Mortgage $225,000 Homeowner Equity $100,000 ​ One side of the equation is well defined, and it is found […]

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